• Stunning Low Crystal Orb Centrepiece with LED light inside the sphere and decorated with a string of pearls off the top opening of the sphere plus feathers on base. A perfect complement for any formal gathering and celebration. Each Low Crystal Sphere Centerpiece Set comes with: A crystal studded orb Feathers of your choice around base Mirror base, either round or square Glass tea light holders with tea lights or string lights
  • Beautiful Eiffel tower glass vase centrepieces with Feathers. Custom built to match the decor of your event theme,  illuminated by warm string light. Available in a wide range of colours. A tall exquisite centrepieces really add atmosphere to an event,
    71 cm Glass Eiffel Tower Vase (Clear or White)
    Mirror base
    Tealight Holders
    4 String Lights/Led light
    optional Coloured and/or clear gel beads
  • Trio of Gold Glitter Vases with floating candles These vases are exclusive to Centrepieces HQ and look absolutely stunning, add glitz and sparkle to your event. (10 sets available)
    Each Centrepiece set comes with
    Mirror base
    floating candle (led optional)
    Tealight Holders
    String Lights/Led light
    Also available as single vase.
  • 70 cm tall Vintage Style Silver Plated Candelabra Centrepieces – 5 arms with crystal cups – for hire.  A great compliment to any wedding or event. Centerpiece includes:
    • 70 cm Candelabra with 5 sparkling acrylic crystal cups
    • LED Tealights or string lights
    • Round Mirror Base
    • 4 Tealight Holders with LED tealight candles or string lights for the base
    • Acrylic Scatters
  • Beautiful 70 cm tall Vintage Style Silver Plated Candelabra Centrepieces A timeless design that showcases the warm and gentle light of 5 Candles. These pieces certainly add a memorable atmosphere to any space.  
    • 70 cm tall Silver Plated Candelabra
    • A choice of either Pillar candles, votive candles, taper candles or LED Tealight candles
    • Round Mirror Base
    • 4 Small Round Glass Tealight Holders with tealight candles for the base
    • Acrylic Scatters
    • Crystal Hangings if required
    Note: We also offer LED style WAX Candles for Venu's that prohibit naked flames.
  • Introducing “Champagne” our beautiful Eiffel Tower Vase centrepieces. Featuring a sparkling string light wrapped around three gorgeous Long Stem Red Orchids. Matched with 4 votive style tea light holders and accompanying string lights, set upon a round or square mirror base.
    • 71 cm Glass Eiffel Tower Vase (Clear or White)
    • Mirror base
    • 4 tealight holders
    • 4 String Lights
  • Elegant and Affordable Low Masquerade Themed Centrepieces for masquerade themed events.
    • 20cm or 30 cm Cylinder Vase half filled with acrylic crystals and 3 LED lights inside
    • Sitting atop are 2 masks, one each side.  Each mask is decorated with 3 Black or White Ostrich Feathers.  (Feathers can be changed to suit themeing)
    • 40 cm Square or Round Mirror Base
    • 4 x clear tealight candle holders with tea lights
    • 4 Masks around the base of the centrepiece
  • A 75cm White Manzanita Tree adorned with a selection of accessories.

    • 75 cm White Manzanita Tree adorned with acrylic crystal chains

    • 20 cm acrylic crystal base riser

    • 40 cm mirror base
    • LED Seed Lights 

    • Acrylic Scatters